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A diary of memories. Thoughts captured rather spoken. Euphoria.


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Picked my favorites from the soundtrack of the movie (which is going out in theaters tomorrow!!) and book The Fault in our Stars by John Green.    

They don’t even know me or what my story was. That no one has ever made me feel encouraged. That in some of those nights i try to comfort myself alone crying. That i have no one to ran into or a friend to call anytime of the day. That i even have to write a eulogy for myself because “who else should i write about, sir?” That this is how i lived for the past 9 years of my life. Being someone i am not. A failure and rejected. It was hard. Hard keeping it inside that one day i bursted out in tears and all they ever thought was that it started from very simple material thing. Maybe they’re right. The best things in life can’t be bought by money. But, it’s the only thing i could be happy about. They’re all that i have and i can call mine.


It feels good to write again. Though, i’ll make it real quick, just to remind everyone out there that I still exist. But shit, who cares. I have been really busy these past few months. Things were different in PSID. There were so many things to accomplish, deadlines to meet and another 3 due before this week ends. I have less time for myself now, these days. But some days can be so uncertain:

  • Love, Type workshop 
  • An internship for Third Cup Cafe
  • Things off my bucket list YAY
  • XIX and
  • Matty. Nuff said.

So basically, these are all what I have been doing while i’m away from social world. Sadly, I don’t have any documented photographs of my recent activities except for the photo above. I promise to show you more on my following post. Happy vacay! (While I’m off to school… Bum)